Thaer musleh aka beatboxelephant is a Palestinian jordanin artist who started his career as the first beatboxer in Jordan back in 03 by spreading the element of hiphop (beatbox) through out the city Amman capital of jordan, In 2008 he joined a momvent called 962 Street which was the first official hiphop momvent in jordan and it contained all five elements of hiphop (rappin, mcin, beatboxin, djin, and Graffiti) , but what really kicked off his career was him winning a the biggest talent show Jordan ever wetnessed it was organised by the top radio station at the time and it was called play 99.6 all schools talent show, thaer or bbe loved being on stage he was always hyped and always had a mic in his hand after a festival called summer jam he was witnessed by redbull Jordan and took him in as their official mc (master of ceremonies, mic controller) and his career kicked off he had major opening acts for great artists from the region and from the US such as Silento and  kid ink, all of that without even leaving Jordan or the region, under his name he has alotta famous Arab artists and alternative famous bands that he opened for such as Sharmoofers masar ejbari cairokee (eygpt) Jadal, Aziz marqa murabaa, Gha2em juzei, El Far3i (Jordan) Toot ard (joulan Syria) and now he has a project called beatbox Elephant challenge where he hosts rappers from around the world by sending one minute videos and rappers jump on it so far he has El Far3i, Al nasser, evil, its mazzi,jaysus Zain, Chyno, safegwolf, Satti, amer Al Taher, Msallam Hdaib, Botan b, dj flash b! That's Jordan, Lebanon Egypt, Sudan, NY, turkey, Chicago! And hopefully more to come His message to people is: always listen to music and if you make music regardless of how hard it gets don't you dare to give up or stop much love beatboxelephant