Arabic Music Lyrical Composition Types: Episode 1 (The Poem) - ARABIC MUSIC LYRICAL COMPOSITION TYPES : EPISODE 1 (THE POEM)

Arabic Music Lyrical Composition Types: Episode 1 (The Poem)

Lyrical Composition Type 1 : The Poem


Kinds of lyrical music composition:

Arabic lyrical music composition varies according to the different melodic building systems and structures. The most famous of these kinds are:

  1. The poem:

It is one of the oldest types of singing; it is a selection of verses of poetry sung by a solo (singer) without the accompaniment of the group of Munshideen (group of singers) including some poems in praise of Prophet Mohammad in the rhythm of Al Wehdah al Baseeta.

The oldest of songs in classical Arabic poetry was what the ancients called (The Voices –Alaswat-) as can be seen in the Book of Songs for Abu Alfaraj Al-asfahani.

The most recent are the poems sung by singers of the nineteenth century, the best known is the head of singers in Egypt Abdo Al-Hamouli , followed by Sheikh Abu Alola Mohammad, who was one of the deans of music composing for poems in his day, including poems sung by Um Kulthoum .