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In izif.com we teach you how to play your favorite musical instruments via high quality videos given by award winning musicians utilizing visual aids that make learning much easier. Learn how to play Oud, Darbouka, Ney and more to come!

izif.com transformed me from an amateur to a musician on the way to professionalism. The educational material provided by izif.com is priceless! Can’t thank you enough

I learned a lot from izif.com, thank you and special thanks to my teacher George!

I have always been in love with listening to the Nai, and I have always dreamt of owning the instrument. By the grace of Allah, I now own a Nai and is currently playing it after subscribing with the amazing izif.com, and I hope to become a professional musician starting from izif.com.

To the izif team, thank you for your excellent courses , I have benefited a lot from the Oud courses especially the techniques and music reading . Your platform is an important resource for Arabic music, I encourage you to continue and I am waiting for new courses.