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Help anyone who wishes to learn music to reach their goals and dreams by providing a rich platform with the best learning resources for music education and training.


Bisher Abu Taleb - CEO

Tareq Abu Kwaik - Online Marketing Manager

Tamer Al Aswad - Production Manager

Mohammed Khrousheh - Financial Controller 

Muhammad Aiman Kabbani - Technical Officer

Aiham Abo Hammad - Production Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does izif work ?

izif is the best starting point for anyone who wants to learn music. You can start learning for free at anytime and subscribe afterwards:

  1. 1. 1- Choose your course from the courses page
  2. 2. 2-  Choose between subscribing to this course OR gaining full access to all of izif.com
  3. 3. 3-  Learn any time you want and at your own pace to reach your musical goals , whether that is playing casually with friends or becoming a professional musician

Who will teach me how to play my instrument on izif ?

izif is a platform that works in partnership with music instructors and musicians who are active in the Arab world and internationally. The izif team records the videos with the instructors using multiple cameras, that allows for multiple camera angles, after recording the izif team creates visual aids such as splitting the screen based on where the action is happening, displaying sheet music and highlighting the note when the instructor plays or mentions it so the student can easily follow up with the instructor and other cool features that provides the best educational experience for izif students. 

What is the Sheet Music Library?

The Sheet Music Library is a pool of sheet music for popular and important Arabic and international songs and musical pieces, it also includes sheets for songs and exercises offered by the izif instructors as applications and exercises used in various izif courses. 

What is the Free Lessons Page?

In the Free Lessons Page, you will find all the free lessons that are available after creating a free account on izif.com in addition to other useful videos such as videos that teach tuning and videos that explain Arabic rhythms or Maqams and many other subjects

What are the different subscription packages offered on izif.com ?

  1. 1. 1- Annual Subscription to one course only
  2. 2. 2- Full access monthly subscription
  3. 3. 3- Full access biannual subscription
  4. 4. 4- Full access annual subscription

What are the different features of each subscription package on izif.com?

After selecting a course from the courses page you can:

  1. 1. 1- Subscribe to that course only by clicking "subscribe to this course" button on the course page, the price will show on the Subscriptions Page. This package gives you 24/7 access to this course's lessons only for 12 months.
  2. 2. 2- Monthly subscription gives you access to all of izif.com’s courses and the Sheet Music Library for 30 days (renewed automatically) . See price on Subscriptions Page.
  3. 3. 3- Biannual subscription gives you access to all of izif.com’s courses and the Sheet Music Library for 6 months. See price on Subscriptions Page.
  4. 4. 4- Annual subscription gives you access to all of izif.com’s courses and the Sheet Music Library for 12 months. See price on Subscriptions Page.

What are the prices for the different Subscription Methods?

  1. 1. 1- Single course : Choose course from Courses Page then click the "subscribe to this course " button on the page of the course to see the price in the Subscriptions Page
  2. 2. 2- Full Access Subscriptions: go to Subscriptions Page

What are the different payment methods accepted on Izif ?

  1. 1- International : credit cards: Visa , Mastercard , PayPal
  2. 2- International  :Pre-pad cards: CashU , OneCard and others
  3. 3- International : Western Union send transfer to (Mohammed Saeed Khrousheh )
    Amman - Jordan - Tel: 00962797636886
    then Send the transfer number to: i3zif@i3zif.com
  4. 4- International: Bank transfer to :  BANK AL ETIHAD

main branch - Shemsani

Bank account number:

USD:   0010204561215101

IBAN: JO78UBSI1010000010204561215101


Corporate branch


Can I download izif videos on my personal device?

You can only download PDF files attached to the video course. Downloading izif videos is NOT allowed and is considered illegal and against the terms of service.

Do I need to have musical background to begin learning through izif.com ?

No! Not at all , izif.com courses start from scratch and are catered to beginners to give the proper basics of each instrument before moving forward to more advanced levels. izif.com is the best starting point for you!

Do professional and experienced musicians benefit from izif.com?

Definitely! izif.com’s advanced courses reach levels that include very advanced techniques given by the same experienced musicians.

Am I going to learn how to read music ?

The izif.com video screen is often split into different sections showing hand movement, music score with highlighting the note as the instructor plays or mentions it , and any other visual aid that helps understanding the lesson. This allows for learning how to read music but also keeps it optional depending on the student’s intended goals in music.

How do I know which course is best for me?

In the courses page and under each course icon, you will find the specified level for the course (beginner , intermediate , advanced , comprehensive). After clicking the course you can watch an introductory video about the course content and also read about the content of each lesson to make sure the course fits your needs.

Can I learn how to play popular Arabic songs and musical pieces on izif.com?

Yes indeed! izif.com instructors use popular and classic Arabic songs and pieces as applications and exercises in their courses, on top of that, the Sheet Music Library contains a big number of popular and classical Arabic and international songs and pieces and is growing continuously.

Can I teach on izif.com ?

Yes. izif.com is from musicians to learners. You can send you CV with a link to a video tutorials of yours to izif@izif.com to discuss the possibility of joining the izif team.