Nasser Salameh

Nasser Salameh’s uniqueness comes primarily from his diversity as a percussion player; not only does he master the intricate art of keeping Arabic style beats but he is also very efficient with Latin percussion such as congas and bongos, the Cajon which was adopted into the flamenco tradition, and many other percussion instruments from all over the word. In addition to his work with local groups such as Sign of Thyme, Nawazen, Turab, Sharq, Al Hanuneh, and the National Music Conservatory Orchestra, Salameh appeared with many regional and international outfits such as Karloma the Famous Palestinian group, The Wood Wind master Pedro Eustache from Venezuela, The Palestinian youth orchestra, and with the So many Oud masters from all over the world Salameh’s playing is most recognizable through his natural presence in every musical outfit he performs with, his dexterity and attention to detail allows him to articulate complex rhythmic structures with such ease that it makes it considerably more accessible to the listener. His work took him far and wide as he performed all over the world: from Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Tunisia, Morocco, Iraq, Egypt, Dubai and Bahrain to Italy, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Austria, France, Belgium, Holland and Norway.

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Learn Darbuka

Number of videos: 25
Level: Comprehensive
Darbouka , Doumbek , Tablah or Arabic Tabla are all
names used for the Goblet Drum, which is the most
popular percussion or hand drum used in Arabic Music
and other Middle Eastern Music . In this Darbouka
course with Mr. Nasser Salameh you will start from the
basics of playing Darbouka and finish with advanced
exercises and tips that will help you to become a
professional Darbouka player. Throughout these
Darbouka lessons you will learn many popular rhythms
an beats (Maqsoom , Ayoub , Masmoudi Kabeer , Laff
,Saudi , Karachi ,Wihdah Kabeera, Chiftetelli , Dawr
Hindi , Nawakht and other even and odd count rhythms)
that are used in Classical Arabic Music forms (Samaie
and Muwashah), Arabic Pop Music, Classical Arabic
Songs and Folk Songs.
Course Video Lessons - Learn Darbuka
1 Opened Dum and Tak  03:53
2 Opened A good Darbuka sound   05:06
3 Opened Ayoub (or Ayyub) Rhythm 05:09
4 Opened The slap sound (Sak) on Darbuka 02:40
5 Opened Popular Middle-Eastern Rhythm: Maqsoom 05:17
6 Opened Big Masmoudi Rhythm 04:24
7 Opened Essential exercise for Darbuka players 04:26
8 Opened Muted Tak on Darbuka 04:27
9 Opened Laff, Saudi, Ayoubi (Zaar) and Karachi 05:23
10 Opened Moving Between Rythms (Advanced) 06:30
11 Opened Using the Nails Technique on Darbuka 15:00
12 Opened The Wihdah Kabeera Rhythm 15:00
13 Opened The Chiftetelli Rhythm 15:00
14 Opened Popular rhythm in Samai form 15:00
15 Opened Learn Odd beat counts on Darbuka 15:00
16 Opened a 7/4 or 7/8 count rhythm on Darbuka 15:00
17 Opened Learn a 9/8 Turkish rhythm: Aqsaq 15:00
18 Opened How to play a Dum with the left hand 15:00
19 Opened Producing the Slap sound 15:00
20 Opened Advanced use of fingers on the Darbuka 15:00
21 Opened Different ways to play the tremolo 15:00
22 Opened Playing tremolo with one hand on Darbuka 15:00
23 Opened Play rhythm and improvise simultaneously 15:00
24 Opened Warm Up 15:00
25 Opened Adapting western techniques on Darbuka 15:00