Reda Bedair

Reda Bedair was born in Alexandria, 1951 AD. At this time, he learned at the hands of senior masters, one of them was the Turkish Professor Milad Mansour, the zither player. Reda learned the Arabic strophic poems (Muwasshahat) and the music keys (Maqamat) and was taught by the Italian master Costa Menolli, the pianist, to enhance reading the musical note until he joined the Arab Music Institute in Alexandria to polish his talent and begin the right way. He learned the Oriental keys and the rhythmical meters at the Institute and learned the rules of reading the musical note that he had been taught before by the Masters. Beside his study at the Arab Music Institute, He studied outside the Institute with other professors as there was no study of the “Nay” instrument at the Institute. At the age of twelve, his artistic talent was adopted by one of the Revolution’s men, Mr. Hussein El-Shafeei, Deputy of the late President Gamal Abdel-Nasser. At this young age, Reda started working with several bands in Alexandria city among them was the Radio (broadcasting) band. His name started shining in the sky of Alexandria city… he become the most famous “Nay” player in Alexandria. The Egyptian Ministry of Culture honored him in the attendance of President Mohammed Hosni Mubarak, in the inauguration of the New Nubia Museum in Aswan. Mr. President asked him about his distinct artistic work of the Pharaonic “Nay”, which acquired a worldwide reputation and has been broadcast on stations of all countries of the world.

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Learn Ney 1

Number of videos: 21
Level: Beginner
The Ney is one of the main instruments in oriental music, and a cornerstone of the oriental music culture. It is considered one of the oldest instruments in history, and is unique due to the fact that it is directly taken from nature, which makes its sound warm and close to the heart. Learn the Ney 1 is a beginners course with the great Egyptian Ney player, Mr. Rida Bdeer. In this course you will learn some of the main oriental scales like Rast, Hijaz, Kurd, Saba and Nahawand using high definition videos showing the movements of left and right hand. In addition to introducing us to important techniques used in playing the Ney such as Staccato and Trill , at the end of each lesson you will be introduced to a master of this instrument who has added and developed this ancient instrument.
Course Video Lessons - Learn Ney 1
1.1 Opened Introduction about the Ney 02:17
1.2 Opened How to generate sound from the Ney 05:40
2.1 Opened holes after generating sound correctly from the Ney 04:42
2.2 Opened holes, Continue 04:11
3 Opened Generating sounds using the right hand 04:50
4 Opened Using the sight and left hand to block the holes 05:47
5.1 Opened The back hole of the Ney 04:47
5.2 Opened The back hole of the Ney | Continue 03:08
6.1 Opened holes after generating sound correctly from the Ney 04:45
6.2 Opened Exercises on the Ney instrument|Continue 02:29
7.1 Opened Al Saba Scale 03:20
7.2 Opened Al Saba Scale| Continue 03:26
8.1 Opened Al Bayyati scale on Re 03:56
8.2 Opened Al Bayyati scale on Re | Continue 02:55
9 Opened Rast Al Do scale 05:17
10 Opened Al Kurd Scale 05:45
11 Opened Al Hijaz scale 05:50
12 Opened Nahawand Al Do scale 04:54
13 Opened How to perform the Trill on the Ney 07:01
14.1 Opened Staccato Technique on the Ney 03:56
14.2 Opened Staccato Technique on the Ney 03:46