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2.2 - holes, Continue
Mr Rida continues to explain the right way to block the holes gradually. He starts with the back hole and works his way down the front holes, top to bottom while giving examples, exercises and tips that will help the beginner generate sound from the holes perfectly. __ Practice is very important so you do not get bored, and in a very short period of time you will be playing Nay. It is just the first phase where you will face some difficulties, but later on it will be super easy. Next, the following hole, this one, we blocked the back hole and learned the details, this is the following hole, I will block it *Play music*. if we unblock the hole, it will sound like this*Play music*. this is how you move your finger. Now, the first time you play, it will sound like this *Play music*, no problem, this is normal to have this start, both high and low pitch, you will play like this *Play music*, but after practice you will sound like this *Play music* same as this sound. The following hole, this one, and you hold the Nay like this, the back hole, the one after, and the one after that. You can hold the Nay from its end, like this, no problem, whatever makes you comfortable while you play, but the important thing is that you play. *Play music*. make sure when you play not to do this, *Play music* No! Keep your playing coordinated. The lower goes down, and the upper goes up in an organized manner like this *Play music*, and take a breath each time*Play music* breath, *Play music* breath, *Play music*.breath *Play music. let us take the next note like this, same control over the hole not to leak, and support the Nay like this *Play music* now a little bit slower *Play music* breath *Play music* if you would like to support your hand against the Nay, you can put your finger like this, it will not affect your playing, same hold *Play music* again *Play music* wither way you hold it, it is the same., what is important is to generate sound. This way we have finished lesson #2. I would like to tell you to continuously exercise this second lesson for those 4 holes that we talked about, practice continuously and do not forget the order of the 3 holes, ascending and descending. I don’t want you to play without order or in reverse, you will not generate sound. Order is important ascending and descending, ascending and descending. Now we have concluded our second lesson, see you in the next one.

Course Video Lessons - Learn Ney 1
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2.1 Opened holes after generating sound correctly from the Ney 04:42
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3 Opened Generating sounds using the right hand 04:50
4 Opened Using the sight and left hand to block the holes 05:47
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