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4 - Using the sight and left hand to block the holes
Mr. Rida shows how to use the right and left hand fingers to block the finger holes of the Ney ascending and descending, and he give us exercises on this subject. __ Welcome, I am Rida Bdeer, the Egyptian Nay player from i3zif.com. today in lesson#4, we will start playing with both the left and right hand; we will play all 6 front holes together. This is the method to follow *Play music* then we will take the following 3 holes with the former ones *Play music*. this is how you play all the holes from low to higher. Now let us take them from high to lower *Play music*. and as we said, we will start playing with the finger a little bit faster. *Play music*, next *Play music*, next *Play music*, next,*Play music*,next*Play music*, next*Play music*. this is to practice the flexibility of the fingers. We started off playing note with long periods, now we play Tararararara . so you move your fingers like this up and down. Once again *Play music*this was ascending, now descending *Play music*. this is the exercise put together, we played the Nay from the last hole till the first one, and again from the first hole till the last one. We will start practicing those, with longer breaths, for each long note, make your breath stronger and keep your finger on the hole so it doesn’t leak. Same thing with the 2nd , 3rd and 4th hole. Also every time you take a breath before playing, for example Tararararara, take another breath to be able to continue.if you do not inhale, you will not be able to continue. The method is as we said, notice the position without sound. I need to feel the hole leaving a mark in my finger right here, and that the Nay is leaving a mark on my lip, right here, due to your control. Right here in the lip, you will find a line left by the Nay. After practicing and playing for a long time, you will be a bit tired, your shoulder might hurt, and your hand might spasm, you need to do some sport stretching like this, or this, or this. All these stretching move to unclench the muscles, they are very important, very important to unclench the muscle. And then you will play again, the same thing, and stretch again until you have the right result. You will be more comfortable and your shoulder won’t hurt anymore, your position might be very stressful, I need you to be natural, the player should be natural and not stiff, hold the Nay is a relaxed way and everything will be fine. This concludes our lesson, see you in the next one.

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