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13 - How to perform the Trill on the Ney
In this lesson, Mr Rida Bdeer explains how to perform the Trill technique on the Ney, what are its forms and the different ways to play it while giving various exercises on the scales we learned before. Mr Jalal Hussein Eid, whom we are introduced to in this lesson, is a famous Ney Player whose name is linked to the famous composer Sayyed Makkawi. __ Welcome, I am Rida Bdeer, the Egyptian Nay player from i3zif.com. Today we will play the method of Trill on the Nay. I will show you how, we will start like this *Play music* Trill has variations, here is one *Play music* another *Play music* another *Play music * another *Play music* we will play them all in order *Play music*this exercise is about Trill. This Trill is on Al Kurd scale, just like the runes are on scales, this is Trill on Al Kurd scale. If we listen to Trill on Al Hijaz scale, it will be like this *Play music* if we play it on Al Saba scale it will sound like this *Play music*. the case with the Trill is that no full song is Trill, it is just a part of the song, so we play it in every tune and variation. Let us play it in Al Bayyati scale, Trill in Al Bayyati scale *Play music, this is in Al Bayyati, now a different variation.*Play music* this is a variation of Trill in Al Bayyati scale. Let us play it in the Rast scale it will sound like this *Play music*. here we are playing long tunes, but in reality a song only has a very small part that it trill, like this*Play music* or *Play music* or *Play music* or *Play music* I give you the long tunes, but depends on what is required from a player to be able to play. Those Trills have many variations, they vary in length *Play music* this is one of the variations, I would like to play it again in Al Saba scale *Play music* No song is entirely a Trill, but I play these long tunes so that when a player needs to play Trill they have all the knowledge needed, so I play the long, medium and short Trills. Now let us play it in Al Nahawand scale *Play music* Trill means a quivering sound , the finger is always like, even if I am not playing Nay, I am just sitting somewhere playing with my fingers like this. The whole while I am sitting I am doing this to train my fingers, all the time I do this, if I want to learn the Trill. And every time we do this the muscle of the finger gets stronger with time, it was once weak and now it plays like this. This is the exercise. While I am sitting around somewhere, stuck in traffic, riding something or waiting for something, or someone, I use the time to train so that when I play I will be excellent. I would to talk about a very famous Nay player, always accompanying Sayyed Makawi, the great composer, named Jalal Hussein, Jalal Hussein Eid, this man or this musician was one of the greatest. He would read the musical note, and write the note very casually. For this guy, the musical note is, I don’t know, all I can say is Wow. He reads the musical note very smoothly. He would also write notes and compose for Sayyid Makkawi and other singer at some point. A great guy. We benefited from Mr. Jalal Hussein with note reading, in my generation, may his soul rest in peace. See you next class.

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