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1.2 - How to generate sound from the Ney
In this lesson, Mr Bdeer shows us how to generate sound from the Ney, explaining the difference between the refrain and response sounds, while taking into consideration that the importance of this lesson is to generate the sound of the Ney regardless of its pitch, whether refrain or response. Mr Bdeer notes that generating sound from the Ney needs persistence, effort and practice, considering the fact that generating sound from the Ney is not easy, and needs days and weeks to train on a daily and extensive basis __ Now we will be introduced to how to generate sound from the Nay. Here is the sound, let us try together and see how to do it. Notice both lips, how the lower lip touches the Nay, and the angle, and we go like *Play Music*. we play like we are blowing through a normal glass bottle, of any drink, like this *Play music*. After some time and trials you will see that the sound generates quickly, let us try it again *Play music*, take a deep breath , *Play music* a long breath, or try this *Play music* you can try whatever makes you more comfortable, whether it is a deep long breath *Play music* or *Play music* or like this *Play music* you need to continue blowing for a long time until sound is generated from the Nay, let us try it again *Play music* or *Play music* after a while, both lips take the natural position for playing, and music will come easily when you place the Nay on your lips *Play music*this is the first thing in the lesson of generating sound from the Nay. All the holes are unblocked, as you can see I am holding it like this so show that holes are open, in any angle *Play music*. Do not imagine that the Nay has to be in this position, you can do this *Play music* choose any orientation you like and play it until sound generates. Later on we can determine the right angle and position. You should always sit up straight for your lungs to organize breathing. In this sound, we have 2 types of sound, like this *Play music* this is the base sound or thick sound, and there is the higher one *Play music* a student is required to generate either sound , the first one or the second one. If you generate either sound it is okay, what is important is to generate sound. *Play music* either sound, if you generate the first one and know its caliber, you can continue using it. If you generate the higher one, know its caliber and keep playing it. But you must practice, for example if this arm hurts while you are playing the Nay, use the other one like this. *Play music*. this method has a lot of repetition in order to generate sound. It is normal not to generate sound on the first day, or the second day, third day, or even the fifth day. It is all about trials, continuous trials, and you will generate sound. Do not think that it will be easy on the first day, but with trials, you will find yourself within 5,7 or 15 days, depending on your practice period, the longer the better, do not get bored! If you want to learn and be professional, take it step by step and you will generate sound, not from the first attempt of course. And as we said, it is like blowing in a bottle, it is very normal and simple, *Play music* any kind of bottle that you play until you reach sound.*Play music* while you are playing you may hear this sound *Sound* until you generate sound, keep at it. You will generate sound and be happy and a great Nay player. See you next lesson.

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