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14.1 - Staccato Technique on the Ney
Playing the notes sporadically or Staccato is what Mr. Rida explains in this lesson while giving examples on how to play it. __ Welcome, I am Rida Bdeer, the Egyptian Nay player from i3zif.com. Today we will talk about B- Staccato. B-staccato is the sporadic sound, like this *Play music* here, the tongue does like this, watch how my tongue does *Play music* now we will attempt to play an actual tune with this method. *Play music* this is in slow motion, now a bit faster *Play music* there is faster, that I will play not for you to play at the moment, but I need to show you all the B-staccato forms, and you will learn them along the way in future stages. This is the beginning, and the future stages depend on it. It sounds like this *Play music* here the tongue plays an important role, you will not play this now, but it is sort of an exercise for the tongue. It is important. Note this, like we said *Play music* what is required from you now is *Play music* . there is no musical piece that is entirely B-Staccato, only a few parts of it, but we play this to exercise our tongue. The tongue does this, and I can do faster *Play music*this is what I was just doing with my tongue, and it is required in playing.

Course Video Lessons - Learn Ney 1
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14.1 Opened Staccato Technique on the Ney 03:56
14.2 Opened Staccato Technique on the Ney 03:46