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12 - Nahawand Al Do scale
Mr. Rida starts off by playin Nahawand Al Do scale on the Ney in its basic form, then moves on to play different variations. He plays the song “Ya Helou Sabbah”, by the artist Muhammad Qandeel on the Nahawand scale. Wahbi Labeeb Wasfi is a musician who played with Shadia, he is one of the most talented musicians that we are introduced to at the end of this class. __ Welcome, I am Rida Bdeer, the Egyptian Nay player from i3zif.com. Today we will play Al Nahawand Scale. Nahawand Al Do. There is Nahawand Al Do, Nahawand Al Sol, Nahawand Al Re. but the basic scale is Nahawand Al Do, so today we will start by learning Nahawand Al Do scale. *Play music* this is the scale, let us try to play it with variations *Play music*. this is Nahawand Al Do scale. It has many different variations, and as we said it sounds close to Al Kurd, but instead of Al Kurd like *Play music* we do *Play music* so as you see it used the last hole as a bonus. *Play music* This is considered to be Nahawand Al Do scale. It is part of the series of oriental scale which the student needs to learn. All those exercises start with the first breath, as phases, we finish the first breath, then move to the second and the third in later stages. And we have a musical note later on, but in this stage, the student starts off to play the basics before moving on to the next steps. I will play a piece called “ Ya Helu Sabbah” my Moh’d Qandeel, like this *Play music*. this is part of the song “Ya Helu Sabbah” by the famous singer Moh’d Qandeel. This also helps you memorize, like the case with the Azan in Al Bayyati and Al Hijaz scale, it helps you memorize the scale. I would like to mention a musician called Wahbi Labeeb Wasfi, he was a great Nay player, and I believe that all of Shadia’s old songs he played some solos in it. He was a great guy, and a French guy, he spoke French and was a teacher in the Lycee Francais. One of the great musicians whom we benefited from back in the day. And as I said, I like to benefit the coming generations with the experience I have. See you in the next lessons. Regards, Rida Bdeer.

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