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7.1 - Al Saba Scale
Playing Al Saba scale, which has a vibe of melancholy on the Ney. Also some exercises are given on this scale. __ Welcome, I am Rida Bdeer, the Egyptian Nay player from i3zif.com.today we will Al Saba scale. Al Saba scale is sort of a sad scale. We will try to generate a new sound so that when the student plays it they will feel its sadness. It is one of the easiest things to play *Play music*. see when we just played it, we always kept these 2 fingers stable, now we used this finger, in Al Saba, and we kept the other one stable. Let us play again after drawing your attention to this note.*Play music* the second exercise *Play music*, third form *Play music*, this was the third form. I am playing in many forms but using the same fingers, we will do this *Play music*this is what we mentioned before the B-Staccato, now we will play Al Saba scale in Legato which is the continuous sound *Play music*. Al Saba scale is a sad one, and the Nay player, aside from regular people, the Nay player in particular if they are feeling a little upset and they play the Nay, it beings them some relief if they were upset. If they were happy and play the Nay, he will feel better. Depends on their emotional status, they will find something to be there for them. They can sit alone with the Nay and have a good time. As we know that humans have a certain reaction to the Nay, also camels do, and some cattle like sheep and goats. When you play the Nay, you will find that the camel when walking long distances will feel better when they hear the sound of the Nay, when the rider plays the Nay for the tired camel, it will feel better and forget all the tiredness and boredom of travel. I wanted to share this information to tell you that the Nay player whether happy or not can always express their feelings with the Nay.

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