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7.2 - Al Saba Scale| Continue
Continuing the exercises and playing different forms of Al Saba scale on the Ney. Mr Bdeer gives us some tip on how to do Taqseem on Al Saba scale. He also gives us a hint of the role of Mr. Muhammad Iffat in developing the Ney. __ Let’s get back to the scale in another form, *Play music*we played it in a different form but all of these are Al Saba scale. This is another form *Play music* I will play something simple that resembles a Taqseem, only resembles it, something simple for a beginner student.*Play music*I am trying to introduce the student to the meaning of Taqseem, and this resembles it, it is the introduction to learning Taqseem. *Play music* and the player is free to do this *Play music*any form that comes to mind, they can play it. You are not required to play exactly what I play, you can play whatever comes to your mind but do not steer away from this scale, you play with the same holes, *Play music*, or like this *Play music*good? And I can do this *Play music*or this *Play music*. all these are variations of the Taqseem and this is the beginning of learning how to do Taqseem on the Nay. And from these forms, the player can derive many variations like I just did, whatever comes to mind, as long as it is within what is allowed for the vocal spaces, then it will be okay. I would like to remind you that one of the masters of Nay in the Arab world is Mr. Mahmoud Iffat. He did not like how the Nay sounded like back then, so he rebelled against the old tracks and started a new method of performing the tracks that people liked, and I personally like it. And Mr. Mahmoud Iffat, may his soul rest in peace, I hope that every time we listen to a track of his, we pray for him, because he is the guy who planted the seed for the modern Nay performances, and how to read a note for the Nay, and play in a way like the Flute. We will never forget his innovation and new methods which I was raised on. May his soul rest in peace, and I will see you in the next lesson.

Course Video Lessons - Learn Ney 1
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3 Opened Generating sounds using the right hand 04:50
4 Opened Using the sight and left hand to block the holes 05:47
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