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11 - Al Hijaz scale
Mr Rida starts off by reminding the students not to move on to later exercises unless they have perfected the previous ones. He starts playing Al Hijaz scale on the Ney in its basic form, then move on to play different variations. Abdul Hameed Mash’al is the musician introduced in this lesson, we are also introduced to one of his most important pieces, Zeina Wallah Ya Zeina. __ Welcome, I am Rida Bdeer, the Egyptian Nay player from i3zif.com. Today before talking about Al Hijaz, scale which we will learn today, I would like to tell the students something, I would like to emphasize not to move on to another exercise unless you have finished the previous one. Keep practicing the current exercise until you excel in it and do it perfectly, so that the next exercise will be easier. If you play the next exercise without mastering the one before, it will not work. It is like a building with no foundation. You must go up the stairs gradually, you have to climb up the stairs consecutively, or else you will not be able to reach the next step. I am warning you. Before I teach you Al Hijaz scale, I thought I would draw your attention to this point so that the students are aware. You must practice really well on each exercise before moving on to the next, and good luck. Now let us start Al Hijaz scale. In Al Hijaz scale, the fingers must be like this, those two fingers are open, the opposite of what was before, I do like this. I also have to tell you before we play, as we said those two fingers above must be open, and the lower finger, instead of this one, I will play with this one. Like this, those two will be blocked and I will play with those. Let us begin *Play music* again *Play music* as we said this is Al Hijaz scale. I will play a variation for you to remember *Play music* this is the Azan in Al Hijaz scale. One Sheikh plays the Azan in Al Bayyati, another in Al Rast and another in Al Hijaz, this one is in Al Hijaz. I am playing this because it is something we hear everyday and will not forget. Now another variation *Play music*This is Al Hijaz scale in different variations. Now we will play another form *Play music* This is Al Hijaz scale with variations. As we said, its holes are like this, different from Al Kurd like this. And as we noted in you must finish the previous exercise or scale to be stronger in the upcoming ones. I would like to mention a musician called Mash’al, Abdul Hameed Mash’al. he played a lot with the older singers, and has a very popular tune that he played called “Zeina Wallah Ya Zeina” which was in Al Hijaz scale, like this *Play music*. He played this tune, and he told me that he had heard a guy selling dates in the street once, and would sing “ Ya Agwa Ya Agwa” something like this, so he took this sentence from the street vendor and added music to it. There were some rumor that this tune was for Abdul Wahhab, but then Mash’al came out and said that it was his. Something like this, it is none of our business, what interests us is that this is Mash’al’s song as far as we know, which he played in Al Hijaz scale like I playe the Azan just now in Al Hijaz scale. I will see you in the upcoming lessons.

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