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8.2 - Al Bayyati scale on Re | Continue
Mr Rida gives a musical sentence on Al Bayyati scale while playing the same sentence using embellishment with the back hole. He introduces us to a very important Ney player, Mr Hussein Fadel and explains his role in playing solos in Fareed Al-Atrash songs. __ We will play a track on the second breath, Al Bayyati scale. *Play music* I will play the same tune but embellish it. *Play music* I used the back hole here *Play music* again, the same tune I played at first *Play music*. Altogether now *Play music* this is the embellished tune . we played the basic tune, and when I embellished it or as we say musically reform it, and make a new variation. So we learned how to embellish, like this *Play music* we added some embellishment, reformed it and beautified it and we used the back hole. *Play music*this has 2 forms, one from here *Play music* and another form from below *Play music* without using the back hole, same sound *Play music* same sound. But this as well, we will learn it at a later stage. I would like to say something, I would like to say that there was a Nay player, a very nice guy, one of the old musicians, his name is Hussein Fadel. Hussein Fadel is a pioneer in the Nay, in the period right before Mr. Iffat . Most of Fareed Al-Atrash’s old songs and solos played in his songs are for Mr. Hussein Fadel. One of the pioneers whom we all learned and benefited from in playing. We must know who the Nay masters and pioneers are, which is why in each lesson I talk about one the musicians and pioneers. 90% of Fareed Al Atrash’s old songs ,Mr. Hussein Fadel played in. May his soul rest in peace. I will see you in the next lesson, Good bye. Regards

Course Video Lessons - Learn Ney 1
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1.2 Opened How to generate sound from the Ney 05:40
2.1 Opened holes after generating sound correctly from the Ney 04:42
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3 Opened Generating sounds using the right hand 04:50
4 Opened Using the sight and left hand to block the holes 05:47
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8.1 Opened Al Bayyati scale on Re 03:56
8.2 Opened Al Bayyati scale on Re | Continue 02:55
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10 Opened Al Kurd Scale 05:45
11 Opened Al Hijaz scale 05:50
12 Opened Nahawand Al Do scale 04:54
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