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2.1 - holes after generating sound correctly from the Ney
Mr. Rida moves on to using your fingers in blocking the finger-holes of the Ney. He starts with the top 4 holes using his left hand, then moves to the lower holes and how to block them with the right hand. __ Welcome, I am Rida Bdeer, the Egyptian Nay player from i3zif.com. today we will talk about blocking the finger-holes. Here we have a rear hole and 3 front holes. Let’s take the first 4 holes, what happens is we place the inside of the finger on top of the hole like this, in the back hole, look how it leaves a mark on your finger. Look how to place the inside of your finger like this, the second finger is like this, the inside of the finger has to be in the middle of the hole, like this, hold it firmly. Your left hand is the one on the top, your right hand is lower , holding the lower part while playing. Again, the back hole is blocked by the inside of the finger like this, so that there is no air leaking while you blow. The second finger like this, 3rd finger, fourth finger like this. Look how I am holding it firmly, holding with my left hand. After that we remove the fingers like this. Let us put our fingers again like this and hold firmly, without allowing air to leak through the holes, like this. Notice our playing position; first hand you play like this. We remove the finger like this. This way we learned how to place our fingers. The next lesson, this third finger, fourth, fifth finger is placed like this in the right hand, and this finger holds the Nay from the back like this, see from the back like this. If we remove our left hand, the right hand is like this. Clear? It shows in the figure what we are doing. Now we take the whole thing, close it all, all the holes are closed like this. This is the playing position, all holes are blocked. you try sitting like this for a long time, whether the sound is generated or not, eventually it will come out, within time the sound will come out just fine. Hold one finger from below, and the rest 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 the first count is when it is all blocked, now 2,3,4,5…. Is when you open the holes. When they are all closed the sound that comes out is Do, Do sound, Do note, in the musical note it is the first note. Please note to have any air leaking while you play, holding the Nay really well with the Nay. In the next lesson we will learn how to generate the sound, like this *Play music* we will attempt to do this, only blocking the back hole. Like this, blocking the back hole. We will do this and start playing even with one hand. *Play music*. this sound is the result of blocking the back hole.

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