Well-known locally thanks to his YouTube channel that has amassed over 4,000 views, Sawah was born naturally gifted - his talent for perceiving music and making it. Through nothing short of hard work and perseverance, he was able to be the two-time winner of the globally-recognized music contest, the DJOOKY Music Awards for his distinguished Classical music works. Sawah has also been a part of and won the 'Authentic Player' a contest for all Arabian guitarists. As of 2022, he has graduated from an international and cognia-accredited school and has been sharing his passion with those willing to listen since 2020.
Anas Anwar Sawah


FL STUDIO - Beginner Course

Number of videos: 8
Level: Beginner
Tired of playing the same old songs and want to start making your own? From importing audio clips, to making your very own melodies, to composing your first piece on a DAW, this course will walk you through every single step you need to proficiently use FL STUDIO 20.
Course Video Lessons - FL STUDIO - Beginner Course
1 Opened Prologue & Chapter 1: What is FL STUDIO? 10:00
2 Opened Chapter 2: FL STUDIO Breakdown 10:00
3 Opened Chapter 3: The Fundamentals 10:00
4 Opened MIDI & VSTi’s 10:00
5 Opened Effectors 10:00
6 Opened Arranging with the Playlist Pt. I 10:00
7 Opened Arranging with the Playlist Pt. II 10:00
8 Opened Chapter 8: The Final Task 10:00