Tareq Harb

After winning both the First Prize and the Audience Choice Award in the Barrios WorldWideWeb Competition 2011, the First Prize in the Montréal International Classical Guitar Competition 2011, and the 'Governor of Tokyo' prize in the Tokyo 55th International Classical Guitar Competition, Tariq Harb quickly established himself as one of the leading classical guitarists of his generation. Harb's "well-deserved acclaim complements the virtuosity and freshness with which he is known to perform." (Savino Music) His playing demonstrates "not just his flawless technique but also his refined taste and a great, innate sense for truly beautiful interpretation." (The Jordan Times) Chosen as the CBC Radio NEXT! guitarist in 2013, Harb was celebrated as "Canada's next classical guitar superstar" and was showcased performing on radio and live at the Glenn Gould studios in Toronto, Canada. Harb's past concert appearances in North America, Europe, the Middle East, South America, and Asia, are highlighted by performances in prestigious halls such as the 2000 year-old Roman Amphitheatre in Jordan, the Bunka Kaikan concert hall in Tokyo, the world-famous Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, Edinburgh's International Conference Centre (TEDGlobal) in the UK, and the illustrious Cairo Opera House in Egypt. Moreover, Harb performed and gave masterclasses in major guitar festivals including the Sauble Beach Guitar Festival and the Guitar Foundation of America Convention and Competition. He received an ‘Honorary Membership’ from the Arab Culture Centre in Jordan, recognizing his efforts and contributions to the arts both in the Arab world and abroad. Tariq Harb has three solo albums in his name to date: 'From Bach to Barrios', 'A Guitar Through the Eras', and 'Harb Plays Sor Studies'. All titles have been released digitally worldwide. Harb also released a DVD to compliment his 'Harb Plays Sor Studies' album, comprising video performances and educational material on all the twenty Sor/Segovia Studies. A Jordanian-Canadian with Palestinian roots, Harb came to Canada to commence university studies. He studied classical guitar with Roddy Ellias, Patrick Kearney, Jerome Ducharme, Dr. Garry Antonio and Dr. Jeffrey McFadden, and violin with Clemens Merkel of the Bozzini Quartet and Claude Gelineau. He also participated in numerous masterclasses, including ones run by Jason Vieaux, Pavel Steidl, Rémi Boucher, and Manuel Barrueco. Harb holds a Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the University of Toronto, a Masters in Performance degree from McGill University, and Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Commerce degrees from Concordia University. He joined Concordia University's Music Department as a faculty member in Fall 2015. Tariq Harb is sponsored by Hill Guitar Company, Savarez, and LaBella Strings.

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Learn Classical Guitar 2

Number of videos: 28
Level: Intermediate
Learn Classical Guitar 2 is a continuation of it's prerequisite Learn Classical Guitar 1. In this intermediate classical guitar course Dr. Harb goes further than just teaching how to play the guitar , and talks about Musicality and the roles and functions of music in our everyday life. In this online guitar course with the world renowned classical guitar professor Dr. Tariq Harb , you will learn musical pieces by great composers such as Matteo Carcassi , Mauro Guiliani and Francisco Tarrega
Course Video Lessons - Learn Classical Guitar 2
1 Opened Continue Rhythmic Subdivisions 09:28
2.1 Opened Learn ode to joy by beethoven 06:00
2.2 Opened Double Stops 14:50
3 Opened The compound meter 06:20
4 Opened Kings of orient 09:36
5 Opened Sixteenth note 09:35
6 Opened Prelude in A minor 09:54
7 Opened Chromaticism 07:28
8 Opened Subdivisions on C Major 10:14
9 Opened Chords in C Major 09:12
10 Opened Mauro Giuliani 07:20
11 Opened More from Mauro Giuliani 07:26
12 Opened Allegro 09:50
13 Opened exercises 09:11
14 Opened Andantino Antonio Carrasco :00
15 Opened Dionisio Aguado 09:09
16 Opened Theoretical concepts 08:43
17 Opened Theory practice 09:35
18 Opened Intermezzo Christopher Park 07:48
19 Opened The bar technique 05:57
20 Opened Bar Technique Exercise 08:00
21 Opened The pickup note 04:31
22 Opened Green Sleeves 09:18
23 Opened Chromatic study 07:30
24 Opened Robert de Visée 08:33
25 Opened Catalonian song 08:24
26 Opened Francis Tarrega 18:12
27 Opened Sueno 22:15