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4.2 - Additional exercises to increase speed
Mr Tareq divides the sentences into parts and plays them slowly while focusing on each part separately to make sure he plays each part accurately. He them moves on to give the same exercises on Al Bayat Re scale while talking about how important it .is to have the pick at a 45o angle and not a 90o __ Now exercise #3, on a different type, let us figure out its logic, first part is Do Re Si Do, look at my hand, Do Re Si Do, goes back to the same note, starts at the base, Do, ascending, Re then Si, then Do. Now to Re, Mi ascending one note, then descending Do Re, the logic is go up one note, down again, and back to the same note. The first part *Play music* second part *Play music* next *Play music* next *Play music* next *Play music* from La *Play music*, last one *Play music* now we stop, and descending, look Do Si La Do , I descended 3 notes then back to the first note,Do Si La Do, then Si La Sol Si *Play music* next part *Play music* from La *Play music* Sol *Play music* Fa *Play music* Mi *Play music* Re *Play music* I can repeat or stop. Now we take each part separately, let us take part 1 Do Re Si Do and repeat *Play music* second part *Play music* third part *Play music* next *Play music* next *Play music* La *Play music* last one *Play music* now descending *Play music* Si *Play music* La *Play music* Sol *Play music* Fa *Play music* Mi *Play music* notice how my fingers are steady between Do and Mi *Play music* Re *Play music* Do *Play music* this exercise continuously sounds like *Play music* and quickly, with practice, it is not easy, it will take time *Play music*, this is the first part, next *Play music* now I will play it quickly and continuously *Play music* It is a very important exercise for the right and left hand, and how the right hand moves simultaneously with the left one. Now the same exercise on Bayat Re, same logic *Play music* next part *Play music*3rd *Play music* 4th *Play music* next *Play music* 1/2 ♭ Si. *Play music* next *Play music*Descending we play it ♭ *Play music*same thing, we take each part and play it like this *Play music*quickly *Play music*make sure that the pick is not oriented in 90 degrees, so as not to have this sound *Play music*a lot of resistance, this way is better *Play music* I can even play it faster *Play music* like this. The pick always has to be oriented in 45 degrees. Those are very important exercises. Notice how we are diverting away from playing, and focusing more on exercising, in order to build your playing. Playing doesn't make a player, exercise does, it makes a very important player and clean playing. It is very important to play tracks beautifully, even if they are songs, and this is only done with those exercises to master both right and left hand.

Course Video Lessons - Learn Oud 3
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16 Opened Daily warm up exercises for the pick 07:10
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