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21 - Trioli Sign
Here we are introduced to a new rhythmic sign which is Trioli. He gives the needed .exercises to master playing the Trioli __ Hello my name is Tareq Al Jundi from i3zif.com. today in lesson #21 we will learn a new sign called Triolet, or what is called Ta Fa Fi or Ta Ka Te. As you can see it is 3 connected croches and above them is #3. This results in each note having a time = 1/3 . 3 thirds equal 1, so it is 3 scales within the time of one scale. We know Ta, Tati I will show you here what I play *Play music* Tati is 2 scales within the time of 1, *Play music* here notice 3 equal scales *Play music* we call it TriOLet*Play music*, and we play it down up down down up down down up down *Play music* 3 scales within the time of 1. We can take it solely on Sol cord, like this *Play music*notice down up down down up down, for emphasis. We could play it with the exercises we learned for the picks, and increase speed gradually *Play music* look here at the exercise we have 2/4 scale, TriOLet Ta TriOLet TriOLet TriOLet Ta Tati Ta TriOLet Tati TriOLet TriOLet Rest Ta 1 2 *Play music* like this. I will play while sounding it *Play music* TriOLet Ta TriOLet TriOLet TriOLet Ta Tati Ta TriOLet Tati TriOLet TriOLet Rest Ta . the following exercise is the one I told you about, play TriOLet solely, *Play music* and apply it on all scales, for example Rast scale, we haven't used it so far for application*Play music* now we will play exercise #3 , let us take a look Do Re Mi Re Mi Fa Mi Fa sol Fa sol La , the first part starts with Do, then Re, Mi , Fa, Sol, La, then ascending Do Si La Sol Fa Mi , it will be like Do Re Mi Re Mi Fa *Play music* we will feel like down up down down up down is hard at first *Play music* back, Do Si La Si La Sol *Play music* like this. I will repeat it *Play music* the entire exercise *Play music*, the same TriOLet can be played on the chromatic *Play music* and back. This unit is very important, because our mind automatically divides by an even number, for example Ta-> Tati , down up down up down up. But when I have down up down down up down, we need to have a form for emphasis. Emphasis is always strong on the first note. This unit is very important , and we will use it in a track, not in this course, in the following course. But I thought it was important to present it this way to keep it in your mind. We heard it in Mawteni, and I explained it in that stage. But here it will be part of our daily routine.

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