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10 - Al Kurd Scale
Mr Rida Bdeer plays Al Kurd scale in its basic form, then moves on to playing variations of this scale on the Ney. The Ney player Mr. Salem used to play with the great Um Kulthoum, he is introduced to us by Mr Rida Bdeer. __ Welcome, I am Rida Bdeer, the Egyptian Nay player from i3zif.com. Today we will learn and play together Al Kurd scale. In Al Kurd scale we use the same 2 fingers we talked about, we will block this one, this finger. In Al Saba scale we opened this one, but now we will block this one, and open this. For example, here it goes *Play music* this is the basic form of Al Kurd scale. Now we will learn some variations on it. *Play music* this is one variation, now let us play a new one *Play music* now we will play a variation in B-Staccato (sporadic) *Play music* this is Al Kurd scale in the method we explained, and this finger stays like this instead of like this, like this instead of like this. I would like to say that the Nay player Sayyed Salem used to play with Um Kulthoum . he was one of the players who played with all their hearts. He didn’t read notes, he was that well educated. But his playing was exceptional and close to the heart of the listener. He used to play a Taqseem or a solo that would please the audience because he played with all his heart and emotions. He was a very sensitive man, and he would touch us deeply. But sadly he had no schools to play after his method, sadly! This man was an excellent player , he played with Um Kulthum for about 50, 60 years, with Um Kulthoum. What was really special about him in my opinion, was that he played with soul from deep inside and it would instantly touch the listener that people you to say “Oh Wow, Sayyed, Sayyed oh Master!” meaning that he was a master in playing music (Sayyed in Arabic means Master) . but regretfully there are no modern schools with students playing by his method. I can’t tell the reason why, but we must introduce the students to the amazing players. Hope to see you in the next lesson.

Course Video Lessons - Learn Ney 1
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4 Opened Using the sight and left hand to block the holes 05:47
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