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9 - Rast Al Do scale
Mr Rida introduces the Rast Al Do scale ascending and descending while giving examples on different forms of this scale. Mr Sayyed Abu Shiffah is one of the great musicians, and Mr Rida mentions some of his work. __ Welcome, I am Rida Bdeer, the Egyptian Nay player from i3zif.com. Today we will talk about and play the Rast scale, Rast Al Do (From Do note).we will play different variations, tunes and scales, let us see how it goes. *Play music* this is ascending, now descending *Play music*. those 2 fingers are stable, this one and this one, they are stable in Rast scale, they do not move unless they were casual notes in passing. But in the scale, another variation *Play music* this is Rast scale ascending and descending, up and down. Now we will do a small track that sounds like Azan (Call to Muslim Prayer) *Play music*same space, in second breath, and has the Azan tune in it *Play music*I insisted on playing something that the student is familiar with so that they imitate it and play it on the Nay. Now let us take a different variation *Play music* this is one of the variations, let us take a third one *Play music*this form takes the 6/8 rhythm which is *Sound rhythm * and it is called in oriental music Al Darej Rhythm. I wanted the student to learn how to incorporate rhythm with the Nay. Again *Play music*this is in Al Darej Rhythm. Let us take it in ¾ rhythm which is called Waltz Rhythm *Play music* we are incorporating rhythms within the tracks, we played in 2 forms, Al Darej and ¾ Waltz. Let us take a different variation *Play music* this is Al Rast scale with the variations we mentioned. I would like to remind you of the great master of music, Mr. Sayyed Abu Shiffah, He played Nay in Rida Band for Folk Arts, we all learned from him, and he has students that followed his method of playing , may his soul rest in peace. We learned and benefited from him a great deal. One of the songs he recorded, there is this song called “Mashi Fi Nour Ellah Mashi” it was performed by a Sheikh. A really good song that you can tell apart when you hear it. He excelled in performing Azan in Hijaz scale. May his soul rest in peace. I will see you in the next lesson.

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