Tareq Jundi

Born in Amman 1983. He has started his journey with Oud at the age of 11 when he joined the preparatory section in the Jordan Academy for Music. Taught by many Jordanian and Arab Oud Masters. In 2007, Tareq finished his first BA in Chemical Engineering from Jordan university for Science and Technology. He was awarded a scholarship from the Greater Amman Municipality to complete his BA in music performance on Cello at the National Music Conservatory. In 2009, he was ranked the second in the International Oud competition held at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik/Lebanon. In 2013, he got a special prize from Mugam festival in Azerbaijan. In 2015, he got the 2nd prize from International Mugam Contest. Tareq conducted, composed and played with many bands.Moreover, he has many compositions and studies for the oud as well as compositions for the eastern ensemble (Takht), music for plays, children’s songs and music for TV shows. He released four Albums; Terhaal, Music from Amman, Melodies from my Childhood and Sowar. 2013, Tareq finished his MA in Music Education from University of Jordan. He represented Jordan and participated in many festivals in Jordan and aboard.

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To the izif team, thank you for your excellent courses , I have benefited a lot from the Oud courses especially the techniques and music reading . Your platform is an important resource for Arabic music, I encourage you to continue and I am waiting for new courses.

Learn Oud 2

Number of videos: 27
Level: Beginner
“Learn Oud 2” Course with Mr. Tareq Al-Jundi includes musical scales such as “AlHuzam”, Sama’ee Darej Hijaz” and popular songs like “ El Helwa Di”,”El Bent El Shalabeyyah”, and “Mawteni” poem as applications on the Arabic scales and new information explained by the instructor. The course also includes exercises on the left hand, right hand and the pick, while focusing on times and accessorizing playing the Oud. This course requires having the basic information that has been covered in the previous course “Learn Oud 1"
Course Video Lessons - Learn Oud 2
1.1 Opened Ta TiFi and Ta Fa Ti signs 09:52
1.2 Opened Nahawand Doolab and scale 09:15
2 Opened application on Nahawand scale 07:36
3 Opened Elbent ElShalabeyyah song 09:48
4 Opened Al Kurd scale 05:05
5 Opened intro to the song : Hayyarti Albi Maak 07:02
6 Opened a new rhythmic sign 05:01
7 Opened Comprehensive exercise 04:56
8 Opened a new rhythmic sign 06:01
9 Opened Application 08:09
10 Opened Pick exercises 06:35
11 Opened Pick exercises 04:14
12 Opened Pick exercises 04:23
13 Opened a new note 08:13
14.1 Opened El Helwa Di Song 07:27
14.2 Opened El Helwa Di Song 04:10
15 Opened Sama'ee Darej Hijaz scale 10:04
16 Opened Es Ta Ti note 06:44
17 Opened Nam Dam'ee Min Oyouni Acrostic 08:43
18 Opened Halaleya Song 06:19
19 Opened Al Huzam scale 06:38
20 Opened Marmar Zamani Song 04:57
21 Opened a new note 06:13
22 Opened Application 06:08
23 Opened Mawteni song 11:00
24 Opened Application on Treble and Bass 05:58
25 Opened Tal'a Men Bait Abouha song 05:00