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23 - Playing “Ahu Da Elli Sar”
Continuing to play this amazing song, Ahu Da Elli Sar by Sayyed Darwish, where Mr. Majed shows the conversions happening while playing the Qanun. __ Welcome to i3zif.com, we have reached lesson #18, and don’t forget our motto, we will play! I believe by now we already are. This time I will play the second part or couplet from “Ahu Da Elli Sar” song, in order to compare it to what we deducted on our own. Let us take a look *Play music* here we played (unclear words) the couplet, we faced an off-tune in the chorus, the musical chorus in the middle of singing, and during singing, in the beginning there was an off-tune. It was in Si, where Si Here, supposed to be in the scale ♭Si, it was converted as per the composer’s point of view to ½ ♭Si . *Play music* *sound tune* note the Si is now ½ ♭Si, lowered by only 1 degree. *Play music* in this part of the singing, only in the beginning Si is ½ ♭Si. *singing* I played while singing to show the difference, in the beginning of the singing only the Si is ½ ♭Si, later it continues normally ♭Si. *Play music* we repeated the same technique we called Conter, which is when your left hand precedes the right hand with the same note, here we play Fa, and the right hand plays Fa in the higher octave, Fa Fa Mi Mi Re Re Do Do Si Si same technique. *Play music* today we learned also in the song, when we face a conversion, I can play but not on both octaves like I did before, i will use my left hand since it is closer to off-tunes, I lift it and manage the off-tune and continue the rest of the couplet until I am done with the conversion, and then I use my left hand and it goes back to the lower octave same way we started. *Play music* see you in the next lesson.

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