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18 - Exercise on the Rast scale.
Mr. Majed plays an exercise on the Rast scale while applying “Al Ferdash” technique. __ Welcome to i3zif.com, we have reached lesson#13, I am Majed Srour, and keep in mind, we will play! Today in Rast scale, I will compose a small exercise, with the purpose of learning a new technique, and use Al Ferdash in a better way. An exercise with a melody that we would enjoy playing. Let us play it *Play music* .we played a form at the beginning with more skill, and then we played a part with the purpose of learning Al Ferdash better, and playing it in a way, not so long, because this form is easier, but the shorter Ferdash needs more skill since it is contained. let us repeat the exercise to show you the skills used *Play music* we played the first part on medium octave, then we transferred to the higher octave, played the same part on the higher octave. Later we hopped back to the lower octave and played the next sentence *Play music*, *sound tune* a short Ferdash and then the next note directly below it. *sound tune* here we learn to have better control over our finger to achieve short Ferdash, it is harder. We need to exercise it slowly until we reach natural speed *Play music* the closing we played right here is similar to the one in Taqseem.*sound tune* like the closing in Taqseem. Now we will start with Taqseem technique. Any Zitherist, if he is a good one, he must know how to play Taqseem well. We will learn Taqseem skill later, but I want to prepare you in a short tune so you will understand how to play Taqseem. Stay tuned and see you next lesson.

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