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11 - The components of the Qanun | Continue
Mr. Majed explains the scales and how to play them. He also explains how to manage the Qanun mandals. He covers a few scales on Do note. __ We will find that the Do Major scale on the Zither, which I am going to play right now, from Do to Do Major *Play music* we will find that the off-tunes, Mi is lifted, Si is Lifted all the way up and the rest are lowered by twos. Off-tunes on the Zither are pieced made of copper, they are made for a purpose, when they are lifted it heightens the pitch of the note, when lowered it lowers the pitch . so whenever you lift you change the scale, and when you lower it is a different scale. So in the Do Major, as in the piano it is all white keys, no black keys, here the Mi and Si are lifted all the way up, and all the rest are lowered by two, all lowered, this is what it looks like, so you know how to convert to Do Major on the Zither. I will play the scale for you *Play music*. the rhythm e just played in “Frere Jaques” Track, is not different from the Ta Fa Ti Fi and Ta Ti that we learned *Sound Rhythm* it is obvious in this variation that Ta Fa Ti Fi is faster than Ta Ti Ta, the Ta is Noir, is divided in two resulting in Ta Ti, and divided in four which is Ta Fa Ti Fi, in the same durations; which means the Ta Fa Ti Fi is the same duration as Noir, and Ta Ti is the same duration as Noir. This is the rhythmic form of the track we just played, “Frere Jaques” this is a simple track, it is on Do Major scale which we are learning today, and learning its off-tunes. And through it we learn how to play tracks. See you next lesson

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2 Opened Playing using both hands 04:06
3 Opened Exercise 04:56
4 Opened The "hopping" method 05:32
5 Opened Important exercises 02:14
6 Opened Playing the musical scale with “hopping” method 04:16
7 Opened Playing the musical scale with “hopping” method | Continue 03:57
8 Opened Exercises to play the musical scale 04:10
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10 Opened The components of the Qanun 05:21
11 Opened The components of the Qanun | Continue 03:11
12 Opened Playing the Track “Sound of music” 04:39
13 Opened Play the Nahawand Minor scale 05:41
14 Opened "Al Ferdash" 05:00
15 Opened Playing “Nassam Alyna El Hawa” 03:50
16 Opened Managing the mandals while playing 06:12
17 Opened Rast Scale 04:58
18 Opened Exercise on the Rast scale. 04:07
19 Opened Playing “Ya Mal El Sham” 03:02
20 Opened Al Bayyati scale 06:00
21 Opened Playing “Gana El Hawa” 04:42
22 Opened Kurd scale and playing “Ahu Da Elli Sar” 04:17
23 Opened Playing “Ahu Da Elli Sar” 03:59
24 Opened The Solo 04:31
25 Opened Playing “Enta Omri” by Um Kulthoum 05:46