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25 - Playing “Enta Omri” by Um Kulthoum
Continuing to play the rest of Enta Omri by Um Kulthoum. __ Welcome to i3zif.com. we have reached lesson #20, and we have become very good players. We will play! And I am sure by now we achieved this. Today we will learn the rest of the Zither solo and music of Enta Omri. We will play the solo and the track, not the solo only. We will learn this subject today . *Play music* the rest of the solo we played earlier between the Contrabass and the Zither, where rhythm kicks in and the Zither continues its tune. *Play music* this is the rest of the tune. After that the guitar starts, the guitar enters, and plays its tune *Play music* after the guitar plays its tune, the band replies, and we are faced by an obstruction, or something not mentioned in the scale, ♮Si . Al Kurd scale, we know its indication and signals, ♭Si& ♭Mi. here the composer, Mr. Abdul Wahab thought it was best that we include a ♮Si here. *Play music while sounding* in La Do Si, he made the conversion. We lifted the Si all the way up, back to ♮Si just like we had it in Do Major, then we lowered it back down. So in La Do ♮Si , Sol Si La the second Si is ♭Si. There is another technique we learned, which is to do this *Play music*. this is easy, but it is controlled by the right hand playing the scale *Play music* and the left hand plays the required Re *Play music while sounding* this is another technique by Mr Abdo Saleh in this song. I wanted to teach it to you and how to play it. What controls the sound is the left hand, and the right hand plays the scale like this *Play music* after that, the violin solo enters by Mr. Al- Hafnawi *Play music* we have performed the music for the intro of Enta Omri, we didn’t even start with the singing. But I want you to take the initiative and start playing the singing like we learned before in details, sing with the instrument. This is the track we played today, I hope you practice it a lot because it is kind of hard. I hope to see you soon. Take care.

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