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12 - Playing the Track “Sound of music”
Mr. Majed plays a well-known track on the Qanun, explaining and showing how to play it. __ Welcome to i3zif.com, today we have our 7th lesson, I am Majed Srour, and keep in mind, we will play! Today I will play a track, it is a universal track, it was played in cartoons when we were little kids, it is called "Sound of music", and the artist "Safa'a Abu So'oud" played a different version of this track as well. Therefore it is known for kids around the world I believe. We will learn to play this track, and allow me to play it for you now *Play music* this is a beautiful tune, we play it with both hands, left and right through all its octave. We should learn first to play familiar songs and tracks, easy, then we will learn to play other things, and by the note, but first we start with easy tunes, familiar beautiful tunes, to get used to playing. The exercises we talked about make it easier for us to play tracks like this. We already talked about the musical scales, consecutive notes *sound the tune* then we have a hop at the Do *sound the tune* here we have a hop, then *sound the tune* this is the natural order of the scale, *sound the tune* here we have a hop *sound music* here we played a hop from Sol to Do, 5th hop, descending, *sound the tune* hop from La to Re , 5th hop. We learned all this before and exercised it, the hops 4th, 5th, 6th and exercised it. Then after exercising and practicing we will be able to play this track and this music very easily. There is another variation of this track *Play music* . here we embellished with a few notes where we played the scales 3rd note simultaneously; we played the notes along with its 3rd note, like *sound the tune* this Mi Fa Fa, we played with Do Re Re, like this *Play music* here we played the original note with its descending third note; Mi Fa fa Mi Re Fa, like Do Re Re Do Si Re, which is its 3rd note simultaneously, it gave a nice taste to the track, and we will study this of course in later lessons, giving a taste of harmony to our playing, playing a 3rd, 4th or 5th note, depending on how we feel we should add a 3rd, 5th or an entire cord to this tune. We will study this fully, but I wanted to explain it simply for us to try and play it.

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