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9 - Exercises on playing the musical scale | Continue
Continuing to play the exercises in addition to new ones on the Qanun, Mr. Majed draws our attention that those exercises need both patience and gradually picking up speed so that the students can play them correctly without mistakes. __ The fifth exercise is the Arpeggio. The Arpeggio is as we said before, if our scale is Re to Re, the Arpeggio is Re Fa La Re. *Play music* it will have 3rd,3rd, 4th hop. Re to Fa we skip Mi to Fa, we skip Sol to La, we skip Si, Do to Re this is 4th hop. Now we will play it in a different variation *Play music* this is a variation of the Arpeggio, but in a way to exercise it ascending and descending, it is a bit hard, but when you exercise it often, it will be easier. Let us listen to a cocktail of the 5 exercises in one, as if they are one track *Play music*. the exercises I present are to be studied in very slow motion at first, until we memorize them and master them in slow motion, then we pick up speed gradually. But we can’t start fast from the beginning, we have to maintain the basics we learned at the beginning, you lift your finger fully and strike it down with full force. All these basics with exercises that we need to practice slowly at the beginning. When we master them, we pick up speed gradually. We will practice for a very long time, we will practice 6- 7 hours a day. If you want to be a god musician, you have to put on real effort, and as we said the Zither needs a lot of patience to become a good Zitherist. I will see you next lesson.

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