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1 - General Introduction
In lesson number one, the instructor Mr. Majed Sorour starts by explaining the method to use the Qanun pick, focusing on the right hand. Mr. Majed highlights the fact that students must practice and get used to playing with the pick using the right hand before moving on to the next lesson. __ Welcome to i3zif.com, my name is Majed Srour, the Zither teacher. We will learn together how to place our hands on the Zither to be great Zitherists. First of all, I would like to inform you that we play the Zither with 2 picks, this pick is made of the buffalo’s horn, it looks like this, and there is the thimble, this is made of metal, some people make it from silver, others from gold, depending on capabilities and comfort. The thimble, this is how you place it on your finger, between this bone and this bone, doesn’t go up here, or down there, and is not shorter than this, exactly the size of this part of your finger. Its main role is to hold the pick in place; we insert the pick between it and the finger, between the thimble and the finger, so that the thimble holds it in place like this. The length of the pick doesn’t exceed this length relative to the finger, just like it shows here. And of course, the right hand is the same case. When we first place our hands on the Zither, I for one put my whole hand on it then pull back like this in a natural way. We don’t make a certain movement or rotate it or anything, I keep it natural looking but just as if I am holding a tennis ball inside, so the hand looks like this. All the fingers are arched in all directions. When I start playing, the movement starts from this finger, I hold it up, and it is controlled by this joint, goes up and down, it is arched, it goes up and down hitting the lower finger on its tip, and the last phase looks like this. Now listen how we are going to play *Play music* it goes up with maximum force and goes down to hit the cord with maximum force. When I started learning the Zither in my early stages, my teacher would tell me that the cord you break while playing with one strike you gain 10 Egyptian pounds, a very long time ago. This was some sort of motivation for me to lift my finger and strike down with maximum force, like this *Play music* and this is same low speed, we don’t want any faster or to rush. We talked before on how the most important quality in a Zitherist is their patience. So the first step in playing the Zither is good. *Play music* we will play like this for a while then take the first exercise for the Rhythm called Ta Fa Ti Fi. The Ta Fa Ti Fi, as you hear it Ta Fa Ti Fi, it is four strikes, Ta Fa Ti Fi. Like *Play music* Ta Fa Ti Fi, 4 notes. We will play them 4 times, which makes 16 times In total, so that we play a large number of strikes to establish the notes. *Play music* this is the beginning of placing our hands on the Zither, our right hand. We will do the same with our left hand, but first we will take each hand separately, the right then the left. I have a rule while playing, since I am right-handed, not left-handed, my left hand is weak, so I practice the left one more than the right one to make it as strong as the right hand. We maintain the place of the hand within the frame around the Zither, there is a line that is my guide, I play on it, not inside or here. This is just the beginning of course, this is the normal playing location where I learn. Of course in the beginning we have more patience with our hands, and we play only one note at first and do not move on unless we play the first note perfectly with our hands, for example if it is Re note *Play music*. in the second lesson we will learn how to transfer, and I will also show you an example on how to use our left hand. It is the same method as the right hand but I will show you how. Thank you

Course Video Lessons - Learn Qanun 1
1 Opened General Introduction 06:23
2 Opened Playing using both hands 04:06
3 Opened Exercise 04:56
4 Opened The "hopping" method 05:32
5 Opened Important exercises 02:14
6 Opened Playing the musical scale with “hopping” method 04:16
7 Opened Playing the musical scale with “hopping” method | Continue 03:57
8 Opened Exercises to play the musical scale 04:10
9 Opened Exercises on playing the musical scale | Continue 04:32
10 Opened The components of the Qanun 05:21
11 Opened The components of the Qanun | Continue 03:11
12 Opened Playing the Track “Sound of music” 04:39
13 Opened Play the Nahawand Minor scale 05:41
14 Opened "Al Ferdash" 05:00
15 Opened Playing “Nassam Alyna El Hawa” 03:50
16 Opened Managing the mandals while playing 06:12
17 Opened Rast Scale 04:58
18 Opened Exercise on the Rast scale. 04:07
19 Opened Playing “Ya Mal El Sham” 03:02
20 Opened Al Bayyati scale 06:00
21 Opened Playing “Gana El Hawa” 04:42
22 Opened Kurd scale and playing “Ahu Da Elli Sar” 04:17
23 Opened Playing “Ahu Da Elli Sar” 03:59
24 Opened The Solo 04:31
25 Opened Playing “Enta Omri” by Um Kulthoum 05:46