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6 - Playing the musical scale with “hopping” method
In this lesson Mr. Majed Sorour explains the meaning of the word Octave, and the musical scale, and how to play it with the “hopping” method. __ Welcome to i3zif.com, this is our fourth lesson, my name is Majed Srour, and do not forget, we will play! In previous lessons we have talked about Re, Do, Mi but I would like to tell you that the beginning of the cords in the Zither, the first cord in the Zither is Sol, and the last cord in the Zither is Re. first we have to study the musical scale and the order, if the beginning of the scale is Do, then Re, Mi, Fa,Sol,La,Si then Do again, and so on repeating Do Re Mi towards a higher pitch. We must keep in mind the Do is followed by Re, Re is followed by Mi, Sol is followed by La, Fa is followed by Sol, and so on. Now starting from this, the first note in the Zither is Sol, 2nd is La, 3rd is Si,4th is Do, Re, Mi, Fa and Sol repeated again. From this Sol to this is something we call in Music an Octave. An Octave is 7 notes and their 8th note, the 8th one is a repetition of the 1st one, if we start from Sol, then the end of the Octave is Sol, if we start from La then the end of the Octave is La, the higher one. So when I say place your hand on Re, if you don't know start counting Sol La si Do Re, this is Re, we found it, and the next Re is Re Mi Fa Sol La Si Do Re. this way we know where Re is on the Zither. Now we want to learn how to play the musical scale with hopping. *Play music* and so on, the scale is repeated until we reach Re and start going back. Here we are learning to play the scale with hopping . now we will start playing the reverse of this exercise, like this *Play music* and so on we continue until we reach the last Re in the Zither. Those exercises teach us the forms of playing, forms of scale, fast scale, hopping, octaves, and all this is learned so we can prepare ourselves to be Zitherists, and play anything that comes our way. If we exercise on every form we find, then we will be ready for it.

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