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3- Exercise
In the second part of the previous lesson, Mr. Majed gives an exercise that will help students in getting used to playing using both hands. Mr. Sorour focuses on the shape of the hand while transferring from one string to another. __ let us listen to this *Play music* and so on, we continue ascending. I want you to see clearly the movement of the hand while transferring, *Play music* my hands are steady as is, and the movement while transferring hasn’t change the shape of our hands, and the finger goes up and down with full force, and the lower finger is also arched, not spread, this is one of the most serious issues, forgetting and playing like this, when this finger is open it obstructs playing, I find myself unable to play fast tunes. Let us do the same thing but descending, first we did ascending : Re Mi Fa Sol and so on, now we will play them descending , we will start from La *Play music* I want you to notice the shape of the hand while transferring, *Play music* when I play Re cord, this finger is resting on the cord below which is Do, Do is before Re. like this, I will play Re, and this finger is touching Do cord *Play music* keep practicing until we meet next time for the third lesson.

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