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21 - Playing “Gana El Hawa”
Mr. Majed plays the song “Gana El Hawa” by Abdul Haleem Hafeth which is on Al Bayyati scale. __ Welcome to i3zif.com, I am Majed Srour, we have reached lesson #16 and keep our motto in mind, we will play! Today I chose from Al Bayyati scale a beautiful song by Al Andaleeb (Abdul Haleem) “Gana Al Hawa” on Al Bayyati scale. I will play the scale first, and then play the song to learn, which is our subject for today *Play music* I chose this tune because I know it is a popular and famous one, and we can learn the technique of singing on the instrument, not only play, we will sing with the instrument . we started with the chorus just before singing *Play music* this is in preparation for singing. Singing starts from the words Gana Al Hawa *Singing* *Play music* and now in slow motion, pay attention *Play music* notice how I am trying to clarify the details of singing with notes; because and I repeat, when I play the instrument, it doesn’t say words, so when I sing with the note, in great detail , the listener feels the words of the tune *Play music* *Singing* *sound tune* the Mi here is not from Al Bayyati, it is from Al Kurd scale, ♭Mi, only the one above, this is how the composer wrote it *sound tune* this Mi is different than the one below, here it is ♭Mi. then it goes back down *Play music* back to Al Bayyati scale. This part in particular, the composer thought it sounds better like this, this transfer in scale, the Mi in the higher octave is ♭Mi. *Play music* notice that on the part of “ El Asmaraani” *sound tune* I play it with one hand, because this off-tune here below is Mi Sika , and the one above is ♭Mi. I can’t play both together. I could play it, but I would like to show this difference to tell them apart, like the composer intended it. *Play music* and the rest of the song, I am keeping it for your own skill, and let us see who benefited from the previous lessons and could deduct the remaining part on their own. Stay tune, and see you next lesson.

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