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7 - Playing the musical scale with “hopping” method | Continue
Mr. Sorour continues to play the exercise on the entire Octave. He plays with a new musical concept called the Arpeggio. At the end of this lesson Mr. Sorour starts with a new form of rhythm which is the Ta Ti Ta. __ We played this exercise with 5 notes only Re Mi Fa Sol La. Let us play it on an Octave from Re to the next Re. *Play music* and so on we keep repeating step by step until we reach Re, then we go back also step by step, and so on. We are learning, and here we learned something new, other than hopping, and 3 hops, here we played the Octave scale as we agreed, the octave if from Re to Re, or Mi to Mi, or Fa to Fa. And we played something called the Arpeggio. which means; we have the scale Re Mi Fa sol La Si Do Re, its Arpeggio is Re Fa La Re. this is something we will learn later, Re Fa La Re. if we play the scale from Mi, Mi Fa sol La si Do Re Mi, its Arpeggio is Mi Sol Si Mi and so on. We learned when we play this hop of Re Fa La Re, we have 3rd, 3rd and 4th hop so our hand doesn't only play 3rd 's , here we hop 3rd 3rd 4th. We might play a track with 3rd, 3rd, 5th and 4th hop. This way we play all forms that might face us, and we will be great players hopefully. *Play music* here we faced a new rhythm here we haven't talked about. We talked about the Ta Fa Ti Fi, which is Ta Fa Ti Fi Ta Fa Ti Fi , the scale is Re Mi Fa Sol La Si Do Re, them La Fa Re, Ta Ti Ta. This is a new rhythm Ta Ti Ta, it is slower than the Ta Fa Ti Fi, the Ta Fa Ti Fi is half its time. We played this *Play music* what we played rhythmically was Ta Fa Ti Fi Ta Fa Ti Fi Ta Ti Ta Ta Ti Ta Ta Fa Ti Fi Ta Fa Ti. This is what we played rhythmically. Hope to see you next lesson.

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