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24- The Solo
One of the solos already played on the Qanun, and has been played in Enta Omri by Um Kulthoum by musician Abdo Saleh. __ Welcome to i3zif.com, we reached lesson #19. We were talking about Al Kurd scale. Any Zitherist talking about Al Kurd scale, the first thing that comes to mind for him to play is the Zither solo in the song “Enta Omri” any respectable Zitherist has to know this solo by heart. Today we will learn how to play this solo, how the great Mr. Abdo Saleh played it, let us take a look at the scale then play the solo *Play music* this solo is a conversation between the Zither and the Contrabass. Since we know that the vocal space of the Zither allows it to play many sounds of other instruments, and many spaces, we used this aspect of the Zither to play the Contrabass role and the Zither only with the Zither. In Al Kurd scale, on Re, we use the first note, Re, Re Do Re *Play music* twice *Play music* Contrabass doesn’t change notes, only the Zither does, the Contrabass holds the bass the whole time, Re Re Re, the tune is in the Zither, so the Zither answers twice Do Re Do Re, to emphasize the scale, then the Contrabass plays Re, the Zither answers Mi Do, Mi Do. *Play music while sounding* and repeat, and repeat, and repeat again. This closing, many players tried to perform it, but it was originally played by Mr. Abdo Saleh, he did it impeccably. I just played a variation of my own. *Play music* this is the original like played by Mr. Abdo Saleh. This solo needs to be practiced very well, and we must listen to it and learn it very well. See you next lesson.

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