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14- "Al Ferdash"
Playing the continuous sounds or as they are called on the Qanun “Al Ferdash”. Mr. Majed starts playing an example then moves on to the method of playing. Gradually exercising is the key to master this important playing technique. __ Welcome o i3zif.com, today we are in lesson #9, we have reached the 9th lesson. I am Majed Srour. Today we will learn something especially for the Zither, which is continuous sounds known in Zither is Al Ferdash, continuous sounds, we play continuous sounds. I will play an example for you and see how to achieve it *Play music* this is the form we want to play. How to achieve it? Like everything we start from the basics, step by step to achieve it in the correct way. We will play the exercise we played before (Ta Fa Ti Fi )X4 but we will play it in this method *Play music * (Ta Fa Ti Fi )X4 like this *Play music* and so on, all the same time, like a machine. Right as left, neither is faster or slower. We first learn it slowly so that the right and left hand play simultaneously, whether we play on the same octave like this *Play music* or play an octave away like this *Play music* let us see, we will play almost the same exercises we played previously, but in this method *Play music* . and so on, the same exercise we played, ascending and descending with 4 Ta Fa Ti Fi, then we repeat with 3 Ta Fa Ti Fi, repeat with 2 Ta Fa Ti Fi, repeat with 1 Ta Fa Ti Fi then Tre O Li, then Ta Ti. Starting from the end which is the 1 Ta Fa Ti Fi, *Play music* this way we transferred from Ta Fa Ti Fi in Ferdash form to Tre O Li, (Tre O Li) X6 *Play music* this way we transferred from Tre O Li to Ta Ti, *sound tune* in Ferdash form. We will keep those exercises handy and practice them to death, and practice for long hours. Because with repetition and practice we will find that Ferdash is easier, and we will play like professional Zitherists. Stay tuned and see you next lesson.

Course Video Lessons - Learn Qanun 1
1 Opened General Introduction 06:23
2 Opened Playing using both hands 04:06
3 Opened Exercise 04:56
4 Opened The "hopping" method 05:32
5 Opened Important exercises 02:14
6 Opened Playing the musical scale with “hopping” method 04:16
7 Opened Playing the musical scale with “hopping” method | Continue 03:57
8 Opened Exercises to play the musical scale 04:10
9 Opened Exercises on playing the musical scale | Continue 04:32
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12 Opened Playing the Track “Sound of music” 04:39
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14 Opened "Al Ferdash" 05:00
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16 Opened Managing the mandals while playing 06:12
17 Opened Rast Scale 04:58
18 Opened Exercise on the Rast scale. 04:07
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25 Opened Playing “Enta Omri” by Um Kulthoum 05:46