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4 - The "hopping" method
Mr. Majed Sorour introduces a new method called the hopping method, using both hands. __ Welcome to i3zif.com, we are meeting for the third lesson, my name is Majed Srour, and keep in mind, you will learn! You will play! In the third lesson, we already place both our hands, now we will play variations using the “hopping” method. Like we said, the Ta Fa Ti Fi which is 4 strikes, we play it 4 times, in order for our hands to take the right position once and for all. Now we will play it using the “hopping” method. Like this *Play music* let us explain this exercise, we started from Re, then Mi, then Re again, hop to Fa, this is the 3rd hop 1,2,3, then back to Re, then 4th hop to Sol, Re Mi Fa Sol, then Re again, hopping down to Re, then 5th hop to La , Re Mi Fa Sol La and son on, a tough hop, then from La we hop down to Re, then after Re we have Si then Re, Do then Re, then the higher Re. this exercise enables us to play most notes with the method we learned, and through it we learn the “hopping” method. “Hopping” is jumping between notes, like now I transferred from Re to Mi, this is transferring, but from Re to Fa this is a “hop” because I skipped a note and played the one after it. The most important part of this exercise is how to correctly place my hands on the first note I hop, whether I am hopping the 2nd, 4th or 5th hop, like this *Play music*. the first note I hop, if it is correct then the hop is successful, but if in the first hop my right hand played Sol, and the left played Fa or La for example then the hop was unsuccessful and I need to focus more. And I do not stop until I learn to focus more. Later on if I have Re to Sol, a 4th ascending hop, and I will hop it descending from Sol to Re, so I need to focus more. For example, I will now play a descending hop *Play music* the first note I hop as long as the left and right hand are synchronized, then I have a successful hop. Now the next hop is the 5th, *Play music* if in the first note both hands were synchronized then I have succeeded, and so on. Now let us do this exercise continuously on both Octaves. We just played from this Re to the following Re, which is called an Octave, from this Re till the next one, this is the next Octave. So we will play it on 2 Octaves. When we played this Re from the first Octave *Play music* now repeat, same thing but on the higher octave with the higher pitch. We will play the same exercise, I just played it by the Ta Fa Ti Fi rhythm only once, but we have played 4 Ta Fa Ti Fi’s since the beginning Ta Fa Ti Fi Ta Fa Ti Fi Ta Fa Ti Fi Ta Fa Ti Fi.

Course Video Lessons - Learn Qanun 1
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